About MySail

MySail is a crew finding and management platform for yacht racing.

Founded in 2016 by passionate sailor and entrepreneur Deborah Dalziel, MySail is a solution to one of the yachting world’s biggest challenges – the availability and management of race crew.

For skippers and managers of racing yachts, MySail provides an online solution to easily find, manage and communicate with their sailing crews. For sailors, MySail is an easy way to keep track of their busy sailing schedule and find their next – or first – crewing position on a race yacht.

About the Founder

MySail founder & CEO Deborah Dalziel

Deborah Dalziel founded MySail in 2016, with the goal of making it easier for yachts to find and manage their race crew, improve sailors’ ability to find exciting new racing opportunities, and to help get more people sailing, more often.

Born in Canada, Deborah moved to Australia in 2010. Already a sailor and marine enthusiast, she quickly became involved in the sailing world in Sydney where she joined the Middle Harbour Yacht Club and started racing regularly on a variety of yachts.

As well as being a passionate and avid sailor, Deborah is also an experienced business and marketing professional. Her enthusiasm for technology – and how technology can be employed to improve people’s day-to-day lives, has developed over a decade of working in technology related industries.

Deborah’s professional experience includes running her own marketing agency, corporate product and marketing management, roles in the Canadian federal government, as well as founding and running a not-for-profit in Australia. She also volunteers on the Sailing Committee at Middle Harbour Yacht Club as the Women’s Keelboat Representative, and, whenever possible, volunteers as a skipper for the local Sailability branch.

She has a creative, friendly and hands-on approach in her role as Founder and CEO of MySail.

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